mood [ mud ] noun ***
1. ) count or uncount the way someone is feeling, for example whether they are happy, sad, or angry:
He listens to rock or country music, depending on his mood.
medicines that affect your mood and mental function
in a good/relaxed/confident mood: I had never seen Ann in such a good mood before.
in a bad/foul/terrible mood: Jeff's been in a bad mood all day.
a ) singular the way that a group of people are feeling:
Politicians need to be in touch with the public mood.
mood of: Mandela's release created a mood of optimism in South Africa.
the mood of the moment/time (=what people in general are feeling at a particular time): The movie was a success because it reflected the mood of the moment.
b ) count a feeling of being unhappy or angry:
She refused to put up with her husband's moods.
c ) be/feel in the mood (for something) to want to, or to feel that you would like to, do a particular thing:
in the mood for dancing
d ) be in a mood to feel unhappy or angry:
Just leave her on her own when she's in a mood.
e ) be in no mood for something/to do something to not feel like doing something at all:
Dad was in no mood for joking.
f ) when the mood strikes you when you feel that you would like to do a particular thing:
When the mood strikes him, he can be a real laugh.
2. ) count or uncount a quality that something such as a place, movie, or piece of music has that makes you have a particular feeling:
a collection of stories that vary in mood and style
create/set a mood: Lighting was particularly important in setting the mood of the play.
3. ) count LINGUISTICS a group of verb forms that are used to show whether, for example, a sentence is a statement, question, or order

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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